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Welcome to Zip-a-Dee-Do a community-based networking platform. Our goal is to help you BUILD a local network of businesses and services - SHARE those opportunities with clients and prospects - and GROW your businesses with new customers.

People always ask me;

  • Do you know a good mechanic?
  • Or I got a ticket do you know a lawyer?
  • Or when you travel it would be nice to have a local zip code concierge.

You can become an expert in your ZIP Code by identifying and sharing those great services and business contacts in your community.

Result: you all grow together!

Win-win networking.

Whether people live, visit or come to work in your community, Zip-a-dee-do allows you to share with them some of the great products and services.

  • Everyone needs a mechanic or a plumber
  • Everyone is looking for good secret deals
  • Or the best menu items to try

This is your platform to build a network become an expert in your community. Click here to claim your ZIP Code and grow your network today!

This platform combines traditional face-to-face networking with a web platform designed to drive business and increase profits for everyone in your network. Get started today!


Legal Help

Lawyers and Legal Assistance

Life Services

From Home Repairs to Lawn Care

Business & Insurance

Insurance and Banking, Healthcare, Financial and Tax Specialists

Local Deelz

Local Business Specials and Deals

Yup, More Local Deelz

Odds and Ends from daycare to website design

You Gotta Eat

Top Food Places in Your Zip Code

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"I wanted to increase my local networking and meet people to grow my financial services business. Zip-A-Dee-Do! helped me do it!"

Scott Krase
Chicago Area

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