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(without the bad coffee)

Claim your Zip Code and benefit from the web traffic for 60 trusted business partners in your area. Zip-A-Dee-Do’s networking platform allows professionals to leverage their entire team’s network, increasing brand awareness and sales. Creating a WIN - WIN for the entire community.


"I wanted to increase my local networking and meet people to grow my financial services business. Zip-A-Dee-Do! helped me do it!"

Scott Krase
Chicago Area


Link Your Network

Invite trusted colleagues, affiliates, and referral partners to join your team (it's free). Zip-a-Dee-Do can also help you find the perfect partner to fill out your team.

Promote Your ZIPDEELZ

Each business on your team creates a simple ZIPDEEL. Our platform allows you and your network to easily share and promote those ZIPDEELZ throughout the community and online.

Your Business Thrives

Become a leader in your community. As your network grows & promotes their ZIPDEELZ traffic increases to YOUR business profile meaning new customers for your team.

Local Searchers Take Action

  • 50% of those who searched locally on their mobile visited within a day.
  • 34% of consumers on a desktop computer did the same.
  • 73% of all online activity is related to local searches.

See Completed Zipcode

A Brand New Platform

  • Ditch the stale & expensive networking groups.
  • Focus on real quality referrals, not a stack of business cards.
  • Send incredible deals or freebies to friends & clients.


What Is Zip-A-Dee-Do?
Zip-A-Dee-Do is an online platform that allows business professionals the opportunity build a powerful network of affiliates and referrals online. This network offers them exclusive offers to provide to past or potential clients, and the community. When these DEELZ are redeemed we capture their information so you can target them later.
This is the most affordable networking and referral program out there. To be an exclusive owner of a zip code is costs a dollar per 1,000 people per zip code. For example a zip code with 15,700 people costs only $15 a month.
The platform is absolutely free for your network & affiliates who want to claim a business category in your zipcode!
ZipDeelz is an online marketplace and mobile app for consumers to find and redeem special offers, and discounts in their community or while traveling abroad. With over 60 different categories in each zipcode, shoppers have an offer for just about everything they do. Because we limit each zipcode with one business per category it makes finding and redeeming the ZipDeelz easy and seemless!
Yes! That is the beauty of our platform Anyone can check out your zip code whether you live, work or travel to the area. Even when you travel for business or pleasure you can check zipdeelz of other trusted zip code owners like you.
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"I wanted to increase my local networking and meet people to grow my financial services business. Zip-A-Dee-Do! helped me do it!"

Scott Krase
Chicago Area

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